• 2016 1400GTR ABS

    2016 1400GTR ABS

2016 1400GTR ABS

2016 1400GTR ABS

Delivering both awesome supersport performance and comfortable long-distance touring potential, the 2016 1400GTR stands apart from its rivals. Building on the continent-crossing performance of it predecessor, the new model adds a number of tweaks for increased comfort, as well as some engine and chassis fine-tuning for increased riding performance.

K-ACT (Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology) ABS

K-ACT (Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology) ABS enables riders to execute controlled, balanced braking. Designed to complement rider’s applied brake force, K-ACT ABS ensures ideal brake force distribution to maximise braking efficiency.

Proximity Activation Start System

KIPASS (Kawasaki’s Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System) is a master key system that allows remote activation of the bike’s main switch. The 1400GTR implemented the first application of an electronic authorisation system to a touring machine and greatly enhances rider convenience as well as security, thanks to the incorporation of an ignition immobiliser.

Tyre pressure sensors

Fitted as standard equipment (an industry first), tyre pressure sensors warn the rider of tyre pressure irregularities and allows the rider to monitor tyre pressure while underway. When tyre pressure falls below 220 kPa, a low pressure warning is displayed on the instrument panel. The ability to take into account temperature changes and display values recalculated for 20°C helps prevent false warnings when the air expands as the tyres warm up.

Electrically adjustable windscreen

The 1400GTR ABS comes equipped with an electrically adjustable windscreen as standard. The windscreen’s height allows air passing over the top of the screen to flow smoothly around the rider’s helmet. The wide top portion of the screen results in less wind striking the rider’s shoulders and upper arms. There are also four preset positions from which the rider can choose. New vent added to reduce buffetting.

Increased rider and passenger comfort

Redesigned seat offers increased comfort for both rider and passenger. The rider portion is narrower at the front, making it easier to reach the ground, and a flatter seat area offers increased comfort. Double-stitch finish on key areas contributes to a high-quality image. Tandem footpegs with rubber pads offer better vibration absorption for increased passenger comfort.

Colour Coded Panniers

The cases are mounted as close as possible to the bike’s centreline and the bike’s centre of gravity. Their lightweight construction was designed to minimise their influence on the bike’s centre of mass. Maximum capacity for each pannier is 10 kg.

Optional 47-litre top case

47-litre top case is large enough to fit two full-face helmets. The top case can conveniently be fit with a one-key system. The top cover is colour-matched to the bike, and features a Kawasaki logo at the rear. To mount the top case, the standard rear rack needs to be replaced with a base plate. A backrest pad is also available separately.
Other available accessories include: gel seat, side spoilers, tank bag, GPS bracket, knee pads, pannier protection kit.

Tetra-Lever rear suspension

The Tetra-Lever rear suspension is supported at four points on the left and right side and mounts to Kawasaki’s unique Uni-Trak suspension system. This system almost completely eliminates the up/down movement associated with shaft drives during acceleration and deceleration, resulting in a very natural ride feel.

Electronic throttle body

A first in the touring category, variable valve timing alters the camshaft timing in response to rpm and throttle position. The result is high torque output in the low and medium rpm ranges and awesome high-rpm power at the top end. Combustion efficiency is also improved, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency.

Shaft Drive

A two-point jointed shaft is used, ensuring smooth power delivery to the road surface, and delivering a ride quality and chassis behaviour very natural in feel and similar to chain drive, with the added benefits of the very direct “shaft drive feel”.

Improved heat protection

The side and centre cowlings on the 1400GTR ABS are designed to dissipate hot air quickly. The result is increased rider comfort.