• 2015 W800

    2015 W800

2015 W800

2015 W800

Mixing high tech with heritage in one seductive retro package, the W800, with classic, class leading features, makes sound, simple sense in a complicated motorcycling world

It offers components meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail and a feeling of authentic quality that can only come from using metal parts. The rumbling of the air-cooled Vertical Twin engine and the distinct handling that comes with large-diameter wheels pays homage to the magnificent machines from an older generation, gone but not forgotten.

Vertical Twin engine

The W800 produces loads of feel-good pulse from the Vertical Twin engine displacing 773cm³. The strong low-mid range torgue enhances the unhurried pleasure of the vintage ride.

Black engine parts – Contrast and compare. The W800 Special Edition shines thanks to an air-cooled black vertical twin engine and clever highlights. Iconic bevel-gear-driven cam adds classic beauty to the engine.
Electronic Fuel Injection – The W800 features a fuel injection system that does not take away from the vintage look of the motorcycle. It also provides reliability, precise fuel metering, clean emissions and easy starting.

Straight line stability

The 19″ front and 18″ rear wheels add to the classic appearance of the W800. The 19″ front provides that classic handling feel with a fine balance of relaxed, light turning and straight line stability.

Simple LCD screen

Separate speedometer and tachometer are complemented by a simple LCD screen and a complete set of indicator lamps.

Easy to read, informative and the ultimate blend of heritage charm with modern riding requirements.

Piggyback reservoir

The look of love. Every time you look down you can see the unique Kawasaki W800 logo. The right feel and fit is added to with the W800 knee pads are standard on the bike.

Comfortable seat

The W800’s deeply padded seat features classic ribbed padding and colour matched wire piping for a custom look straight from the factory.

Long, comfortable seat with thick, ribbed padding has plenty of room for rider and passenger. Urethane at the front of the seat was shaped to facilitate the reach to the ground.

Vintage look

Small details like the steel chain guard, elegant muffler design, sculpted fuel tank and steel fenders all help give the W800 its stunning vintage look. The centre stand is a standard item on the W800.

Metal parts have been used in favour of plastic throughout the W800. Corrosion-resistant parts have been selected to maintain its long term charm.