Mo-Tow 1.9M Heavy Duty Motorcycle Bike Carrier – MT7001



Introducing mo-tow™, an amazing new product that solves all your motocross transportation problems.

This fantastic heavy Duty sturdy bike carrier allows you to carry a single bike in even the roughest terrain.

Easy to install, in a matter of seconds, it connects directly to any 50mm x 50mm pull out Hayman Reece type hitching system.

The main support is made from High strength Steel frame with a black powder coated finish
It has an anti tilt bracket for extra rigidity and to eliminate left to right movement when cornering or on unsealed roads.

The MT7001 has 6 steel pins, 3 at the front and at the back of the carrier which can be moved to accommodate different wheel sizes

If you have ever thought of owning a trail bike and couldn’t justify the cost of a traditional motocross trailer or don’t have the room for one then mo-tow™ is for you.

Even if you do have a motocross trailer, at times you may only have a single bike to carry so why drag that big trailer around.

Just walk your bike up the ramp and use the tie down points on the mo-tow™ to secure your bike. Tie-downs are not supplied and should be fitted correctly as with any bike carrier.  It is recommended to use 4 tie-downs.  Mo-tow™ tie-downs are available for puchase separately.  Please see our separate listing.

The mo-tow™ is designed for use on medium to large vehicles and is rated to 270kgs (600lbs) carrying capacity.

Number plates and tail lights may be required depending on the visibility of both after the bike is mounted to your vehicle.

The mo-tow™ is designed and sold exclusively by us (FRONTLINE TRADING PTY LTD).

Additional information

Weight 35 kg